Common Sense Media: A website that gives parents ratings on TV, Movies, and Video games to see if they are appropriate for your child.

Developmental Milestones (2 months-5 years old)

Rochester Kids Out and About: A list of kid-appropriate activities in the Rochester, NY region.

Customizable coloring sheets and worksheets: Great website–choose your coloring sheets and print them at home or customize them and add letters or words.

Safely Ever After: A website devoted to keep kids safe.

Children’s Book List (topics on: Being a Friend, Accepting different kinds of Friends, General Feelings, Happy Feelings, Sad Feelings, Angry or Mad Feelings, Scared or Worried Feelings, Caring About Others and Empathy, Problem Solving, Self Confidence, Good Behavior Expectations, Family Relationships, Bullying/Teasing, Grief and Death)

The Consortium of Trauma, Illness, and Grief in Schools (TIG):  Monroe County resource for Parents (and educators) on: Grief and Loss; Serious Illness and Injury; Suicide, Intervention, and Prevention; School Violence; and Trauma.

It’s Not About Nutrition: Changing the Conversation from Nutrition to Habits: Conscious Parenting in regards to eating.  Great articles and ideas to get parents thinking about how they can help make meal times more peaceful for everyone.