Private Coaching

Parent coaching: Because your children are not born with manuals.

Free 15 min. consultations to see if coaching is right for you. 

How does parent coaching work?

Parent coaching is done by you, the parent(s), meeting or calling the coach at a prearranged time. Our initial meeting will be 90 minutes and thereafter, appointments last for 50 minutes and initially will happen weekly. Meetings can occur over the phone or via Zoom/FaceTime.  We develop your personal and specific goals and then discuss how to get there. Each appointment is focused on achieving goals, as well as providing you with support, consultation, and compassion. The parent coach is your team member,  encourager, co-brainstormer, collaborator, and child development consultant- acting as a catalyst to create your change.

How will we know when we are done?

The coaching process is goal specific. We will be done when you meet your goals. Many clients find the process so satisfying that they choose to develop new goals and continue coaching. Others come back after new developmental stages and challenges arise.

How long will it take?

How quickly you meet your goals is dependent upon you and your willingness to engage openly and actively in the process of change.  Many clients can accomplish their goals in just a few sessions while other choose to continue our fulfilling work.

Who are your typical coaching clients and what issues to you help solve?

People come to parent coaching for a myriad of reasons. Many typical issues are:

  • How to motivate your children without bribes or rewards;
  • Getting kids to cooperate with being ready for school, meals, or bedtime – on time;
  • Having kids do their homework or household chores without struggles;
  • How to handle school issues/ behaviors;
  • Getting kids to turn off the tv/computer games;
  • How to approach and implement discipline;
  • How to get a teenager who is “checked out” from the family to reengage;
  • Sibling issues: fairness/fighting/ jealousy;
  • Appropriate mealtime behaviors;
  • Resolving parenting differences and creating a united parental unit;
  • How to create a satisfying balance between family, marriage, work, and social life.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is a collaborative process by which you, the client, choose the goals you want to work on or the situations you want to improve. The coach then helps to keep you on target and provides support, consultation, and suggestions to help you achieve your goals. The intention for coaching is for improvement, achievement, and greater fulfillment. Therapy’s goal is for greater improvement in functioning but it presumes that there is a lack of functioning or impairment as the starting point. If at any point the issues transcend our task, I will make a referral to the appropriate mental health provider.

When is therapy more appropriate than coaching?

Therapy is more appropriate for situations which involve mental health stabilization or safety risks. Any situations where there is a concern for harm or injury, such as abuse, neglect, cutting, suicide, eating disorders, or substance abuse, therapy is the appropriate route and coaching would be grossly inappropriate. If any of these situations arise during the course of coaching, a referral to therapy will be made and the coaching process with be terminated.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching can take place at your house or over the phone/Zoom/FaceTime.  Many parents will find is most convenient to speak with me while children are sleeping, this medium also allows people throughout the world to be able to receive parent coaching. If you live in the Rochester, NY area and prefer to have a face to face meeting, I can come to your home or we can meet at  a mutually agreed upon location.