Conscious Parenting: A Paradigm Shift

Conscious Parenting (aka. “awakened parenting”) is about having a certain mindset towards raising our children.  It is not a set of simple rules but a whole way of approaching your job as a parent.  It is a paradigm shift from parenting the “old way” through adult power to parenting by seeing our children as our guides.  Dr. Shefali Tasbary describes being conscious as it relates to parenting as: identifying your ego’s needs (that were bred with fear and judgement) and releasing your children of those burdens so that they can fully live their own journey.

While we are raising our children, we are growing and healing ourselves from our own wounds and baggage.  Ideally we create a partnership of growth for both parent and child and accept that your child is not a smaller version of yourself.  Children have not lived the life you have lived and experience the same experiences–high or low, so they do not have the same perception of events.  If we influence our kids to think exactly how we think, we are not letting them live to their full potential and if we are not mindful of our own thinking than we will undoubtedly guide them from a place that is inattentive to their actual needs.  Our children are like mirrors–they show us our strengths and weakness, they are beautiful and humbling, and they are full of so much awe and also a lot of mundane.  To be a conscious parent you need to:


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(c) 2016, Nurture: Family Education and Guidance

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