Self-care and Compassion Fatigue

As people in the care-taking professions know, the caretaker is no good if they feel exhausted, spent, and totally worn out.  Parents are the ultimate caretakers–their job is 24/7, including nights, weekends, and vacations.  Self-care is of the utmost importance–not just so the parent feels better, but so your child is getting the best version of you.  When training in any helping professions, students learn about something called “compassion fatigue“.  This phrase refers to how tiring caring can be.  Sure, it is an amazing responsibility, filled with so many positives, but that does not mean it is not enormously exhausting.

So what is self-care? Simply put, it is putting yourself first for at least for a little bit so that you feel some sense of rejuvenation.


Self care could look like this:

  • date night
  • reading a book
  • drinking a cup of coffee on the porch…alone
  • treating yourself in someway
  • spending time with friend
  • a hobby

I can help you identify your needs as a parent and help you find ways to fulfill those needs.

*If other issues arise as result of an honest assessment of how you are doing and a higher level of intervention is deemed appropriate, I can refer you to other appropriate mental health professionals and work collaboratively with them.  As always, our work together is completely confidential.

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