Why use a Parenting Coach?

Our kids are not born with manuals yet somehow parents feel the expectation to know how to handle all sorts of situations that arise.  Raising kids is complex and just when you think you have a handle on it, they are onto a new stage of development.  This dynamic process makes keeping up with the latest advice and best practices nearly impossible.  I can help give you tools to help you become a better parent.

Through individual or family sessions, I can help evaluate and understand your concerns and current parenting techniques.  Together we will establish goals you have for your sessions and give you different ideas and resources to help you feel more empowered.  I will give you non-judgemental feed back so that you can parent with greater intention.  We will work on issues ranging from common behavioral concerns to more in depth specific problems.  Initial intake sessions occur at the home of the family and include time spent with one or both of the parents and the family as a whole.  This allows me to assess the current situation and allow us to figure out appropriate goals for our sessions.  Follow up sessions will be determined then including frequency and with whom I will be working.

I am a professional NYS certified school counselor who has worked with many families with a wide range of problems and concerns.  I take a non-judegemental approach to working with clients and want them to leave our sessions feeling empowered to have a better family life.  I have taken extensive coursework on child development, social/emotional concerns, motivational psychology, marriage and family therapy, facilitating individual and group counseling, as well as understanding and interpreting assessments.  Our sessions are completely confidential.  I am also a parent of two young boys.

I serve the greater Rochester, NY region.  Please contact me at rocparentcoach@gmail.com or at (585) 420-8838.


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