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  • Do you want to start to interact with your children from a purposeful and planned response, so you can achieve the desired results instead of reacting out of frustration, exhaustion, or anger?
  • Are you frequently overwhelmed and doubting yourself?
  • Are you wondering if you are parenting “right”?
  • Do you feel judged, not supported, in your parenting?
  • Do you want someone out of your familial or social circle to collaborate with on your parenting?
  • Are you at a loss of what to say or do with some of your child’s behaviors?
  • Do you want to be the best possible version of yourself for your children?

You are not alone.   

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We work with parents of tots, teens, and everything in between!

We offer private coaching (over the phone/FT/Zoom or in-home), seminars, and facilitated small-groups to help caretakers gain the tools and awareness for how they can help their children and feel happier in the process.

Free 15-minute consultations are available by contacting us at (585) 420-8838 or erittenberg@gmail.com.

“You’re a lifesaver and I’m so glad to have you as a resource” -Parent of two young boys

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About Emily: I am a Coach and Counselor who synthesizes Conscious Parenting and Mindfulness to help parents directly with the problems they are facing with their kids. I recieved my Master’s degree in Counseling (School-focused) from the Loyola University of Maryland and my Bachelors degree in Anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.  I live in Rochester, NY with my husband, 2 boys, and sweet golden retriever.

If you need parenting support, I am here for you! 585-420-8838 erittenberg@gmail.com

” I have been doing SOOO much better with my girls. It’s like night and day. Thank you so much again for sharing your insights and positive energy with me and the group. Your class really was phenomenal.” -Mother of 2 teens

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